Most of the weapons mentioned in QC would be considered eccentric in our world, if they even existed.

  • EMP gun[1]
  • Coffee of Doom's broadsword[2]
  • The Malaysian Battle Spatula[1] (it is apparently an edged weapon rather than an impact weapon)[3] It is (possibly?) pictured in comic 1943 in panel 2.[4]
  • The War Ladle[5]
  • An easily offended combat droid[6]
  • A combat droid disguised as an ordinary vehicle[7]
  • Orbital defense satellites[8]
  • A directed-energy weapon in a personal computer[9]
  • A 9-iron in a coffee shop[10]
  • A telescoping baton[11]
  • A semi-automatic pistol[12]
  • Tungsten rods for orbital bombardment[13]
  • A souffle pan in a coffee shop[14]


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