The Tequila Monster is an alcohol-induced hallucination that occasionally appears to harass the drunken, encouraging them to drink more. Little is known about the Tequila Monster. When hallucinated by Steve,[1] the Tequila Monster appears as roughly the same size as a human, bipedal, with a long tail. It is furry, primarily purple in color with blue spots, red eyes, claws, and a white belly. It has been seen wearing a simple tan sombrero.

After initially expressing a drunken desire to kill the Tequila Monster with a broken vodka bottle,[2] Steve apparently became friends with it. It has advised him to purchase $500 of fantasy knives off of eBay, which Marten ultimately saw the reasoning behind.[3]

Tequila Monster visited Tai after drinking night with Marten, Faye, and Dora.[4] It also visited Marten when he was about to drink some scotch with his mother during Henry's and Maurice's wedding.[5]

It is possibly related to, or the same creature as, the Beast of Bourbon.