Tai Hubbert is in charge of the Smif College Williston Library and boss of Marten and Momo. She is a lesbian and a fan of Jimbo's books. Tai was one of the few characters whose last name was not known until strip 2203. Her last name is a play on the scientist who developed the theory of "Peak Oil" back in the 1950's.



Besides her job at the library she is TA for a creative writing class.[1] She is also an amateur DJ,[2] working under the name Tai-Fighter.[3]


Tai is a liberal arts major.[4]. She lives in residence, and has a roommate named Bri.[5]


Tai is outgoing and a good-natured boss.[6][7] She is sexually active but before dating Dora began questioning her lifestyle.[8] While generally at ease in social situations (particularly when compared with Hannelore or Marigold), she freezes up when around someone she really likes.[9]

She enjoys body modification, having multiple tattoos and a clitoral hood piercing.[10] She describes her "Pow!" tattoo in Number 2263: Every One Has A Story.

Sex and drugs and rock&rollEdit


Tai is exclusively lesbian. See also "Relationships" below. She is known to have had sex on the photocopier at the Williston Library at Smif College.[11]

She has previously expressed a sexual interest in Hannelore,[12][13] though it's unclear how serious she is.


At work, Tai has used marijuana[14] and LSD, which makes her "see dragons".[15] She has tranquilizers at home.[16] She also drinks alcohol socially, and attributes her low tolerance to her small frame.[17]

Music preferencesEdit

Tai has shown some interest in dubstep[18] and is mainly into "weird European electronic stuff".[19] She appears to have a poster of the French electronic music artist Vitalic in her dorm room,[20] and a T-shirt of the German techno record label BPitch Control.[21] At one point she played Gabriel Ananda's Stream of Consciousness through the library PA system.[22] She is a huge fan of German electronic musician Ellen Allien.[23][24]


Tai is into acting out scenes from Harry Potter books in public in costume.[25] She is fond of Adventure Time and loves to dance.


Tai has had a complicated and dynamic pattern of relationships. Originally not into polyamory,[4] she has since experimented with it[26] but now questions whether it's right for her.[27][28]

She also foreshadows Dora and Marten's split.[29]

She has begun dating Dora.[30] Their first kiss is shown in 2246.

Medical issuesEdit

Tai has a latex allergy.[10]

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "Oh come on, it's bad enough knowing my liberal arts degree is gonna be useless. Don't crush ALL my hopes."[4]
  • "Omigod Jimbo is SO amazing. He's like..he's like a modern-day Hemingway! Or Faulkner! Except his books are terrible."[31]
  • "It was a rhetorical penis!"[32]
  • "A life of recreational drug use, casual sex, and occasional studying gets boring after a while, you know."[8]
  • "Want me to take off my pants and see if it does anything for you, just in case?"[33]
  • "Seriously. Forget girls, I'm an audiosexual now."[34]
  • "I started some slashfic that explores each possibility. Got a laptop handy?"[35]
  • "HELL yes. My pussy RULES"[36]