Key bits of advice for new contributorsEdit

  • Be welcome and have fun!
  • Bear Wikipedia rules in mind but take a relaxed attitude toward them. For example, there's no need for a neutral point of view toward Questionable Content here! And don't wait for "reliable secondary sources".
  • The Faye and Hannelore articles are good examples to follow.
  • Let Jeph Tell The Story (LJTTS). He's better at it than we are and we should drive traffic his way rather than divert it. If you see something like "Faye, wearing a lemon dress, takes Dora out shopping and tells her to buy Flaming Lips music instead of Opeth", replace it with something like "Faye helps Dora explore non-Goth culture[1]", where the important thing is the link to a QC strip.
  • Separate canon from non-canon. If you want to say that QC's weather is better than ours because QC Northampton is under a weather dome, do something like putting it under a header called "Speculation".
  • Keep in mind that the story is continuously changing with each new strip. Don't get upset if something is mentioned in the strip this week, but isn't on the Wiki when you check. We don't have Momo monitoring the site to keep it updated.
  • Beware of "shipping" and being the "bear-hat guy". Jeph doesn't like it.

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