Spookybot[1] (actual name unknown) is a powerful AI that showed up to attempt to help Bubbles regain her memories that were deleted by Corpse Witch. Bubbles has described them as the Architeuthis (giant squid) of the AI world's proverbial coral reef.[2] They have the power to put humans to sleep by touching them and to pull other AIs into a private void for one-on-one communication. Spookybot created a powerful decryption system that allowed Emily to enter Bubbles' mind to locate the lost memories.

Appearance and PronounsEdit

They have pale skin, short dark hair and red eyes. Their appearance could be described as gender-nonconforming, and Jeph refers to them using "they" pronouns in his author's note for 3391. They refer to themselves as "we", so it's likely that the "they" pronouns are an actual reference to the plural. They seem to be a distributed AI across several bodies, as seen in 3418. In 3239, Bubbles explained that individual AI consciousness does not distribute across processor networks, which may indicate that Spookybot is actually a collection of independent, yet connected entities, and thus explain the use of the "we" pronoun.

Notably, Spookybot's speech is depicted with rounded speech balloons, indicating a distinction from other AIs, including Station. It is suspected that this is due to a more sophisticated voice system that allows them to sound more like a human.