Roko Basilisk is a robotic police officer in the AI crime unit. She was investigating the Robot-Fighting Ring, and approached Faye to try and get her to cooperate with this.[1]

Once when she was tailing Faye and Bubbles, Bubbles trapped her in a garbage can,[2] an event she has not forgotten.[3]

She has been in the same body since her birth [4] and finds it disturbing to be presented with her own detached limbs. She approached Union Robotics to have her ankle joint repaired because the police force's in-house repair guy is a jerk and does subpar repairs. [5]

Her name is a reference to the "Roko's basilisk" thought experiment.

It seems she has a fetish for bread.[6][7]. Dating site Computr matched her with Pintsize because of this desire to launch toast at his partners.[8] Roko is embarrassed about her fetish and sometimes starts venting when other people start suspecting it.[9][10]