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3089 - A Bar for Dogs

Transcript Place Notes

Momo: I- I cannot believe such illegal activity is occurring in this town!

May: Oh relax. It's only illegal for boring reasons. Nobody gets killed or anything. They just don't wanna pay for a gambling license and insurance and shit.


Momo: Still! Someone should report them to the authorities!

May: Whoa, whoa. You'd be hurtin' a lot of people's livelihoods. And these are people who don't have a lotta other options.

May: I know we're all sentient robots and it's the Singularity and shit, but we ain't in infinite-resource la-la land yet. It's still rough out there, and people gotta do what they can to get by. Outside
Momo: I...I suppose you are right. Outside
May: See, I knew that speech woulda worked at my trial but my stupid lawyer wouldn't let me. Outside

3090 - The sickest tricks

Transcript Place Notes
Momo: H-hello? Skate park Momo shy

Robo fights manager: Can I help you?

Momo: Is- is this where the r-robot fights take place?

Skate park
Robo fights manager: I'm sorry but you're in the wrong place. This is a skate park. Skate park

Roboter 1: Boy, I sure am excited for my next big fight!

Roboter 1: Me too! I love to come here and fight other robots for money!

Skate park
Robo fights manager: That's um skateboarder slang Skate park

3091 - Paging Miss Bubbles

Transcript Place Notes
Momo: Um, Miss Bubbles?

Bubbles: Yes?

Skate park
Momo: I...I heard you where formerly in the military and I-

Bubbles: If you are here to castigate me for my beliefs rest assured that far more powerful AIs have already done so.

Skate park
Momo: N-no! I-I am not here to judge you! I only want to understand.

Bubbles: I have no obligation to explain or justify myself.

Skate park
Bubbles: If I agree, will you stop making that facial expression? It is causing me a great discomfort. Skate park Momo making big eyes

3092 - Past Explanations

Transcript Place Notes
Bubbles: People join the military for many different reasons. I do not presume to speak for anyone other than myself. Skate park
Bubbles: I joined because I believed every citizen has the right to defend their country. I felt the "call to serve", as they say. I believed I was well-disposed toward such a role. Skate park
Bubbles: As an artificial intelligence, I possess skills and features that my human counterparts do not. Skate park
Bubbles: With this body, I am superhuman. A state of the art weapon that con think, reason and empathize. What better soldier could there be? Skate park
Momo: But people are afraid of AI soldiers.

Bubbles: Some people will always fear us. We must not let their fear prevent us from doing good. I believed that I was doing good.

Skate park
Momo: You keep using the past tense.

Bubbles: Indeed.

Skate park

3093 - It's Not An Idle Threat

Transcript Place Notes
Bubbles: Does that clarify my position?

Momo: Yes, but... but...

Skate park
Momo: I am sorry, but I still disagree with you. I still do not believe we should involve ourselves in human military conflicts.

Bubbles: It is possible to disagree with someone but still respect their beliefs.

Skate park
Momo: That is true. And I think I understand now. Skate park
Momo: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Miss Bubbles. Skate park Momo leaving, both waving
Faye: Can I call you "Miss Bubbles"?

Bubbles: Do you enjoy having your head attached to the rest of your body?

Skate park

3094 - Whoville

Transcript Place Notes
Bubbles: How much of that did you overhear?

Faye: Only a little bit. I was tryin' not to eavesdrop.

Skate park
Bubbles: I am...surprised at myself. I thought I was tired of having that conversation.

Faye: Well, y'know, it's different when you're tellin' it to a sympathetic ear. Momo's a good kid.

Skate park
Bubbles: I am not looking for sympathy, and I do not expect understanding.

Faye: Yeah, but it's okay to accept it when it comes.

Skate park
Silence Skate park Faye smiles, Bubbles is thinking
Faye: If you feel a strange sensation in your chest, that's your heart growing a couple of sizes.

Bubbles: I do not have a heart. I have a coolant pump.

Skate park

3095 - Who Is Batman

Transcript Place Notes
May: How'd it go?

Momo: Bubbles explained her reasoning. I do not agree with it, but I understand.

Outside May is leaving a building, Momo is standing on the sidewalk
May: Didja meetany of the fighters? Crusher Jolene? Punchbot 9000? Hank the Dismemberer?

Momo: Not really.

May: Shitnuggets. I'm never gonna get Hank's autograph.

Momo: It is a small town. I am sure you will run into him sooner or later.

Outside May and Momo start to walk down the sidewalk
May: That's the thing, he wears a disguise! Nobody knows what he really looks like! He could be anyone!

Momo: I see.

Outside May and Momo continue walking down the sidewalk

May: You'd tell me if you were Hank, right?

Momo: No.

May: Aw c'mon! I thought we were pals!

Momo: I am happy you think so.

May: A pal would tell me if she was Hank the Dismemberer.

Outside May and Momo walk down the sidewalk

3096 - Whatever

Transcript Place Notes

Hannelore: Sven! Thank you for the gift basket. The fruit was delicious!

Sven: Yeah, thanks for saying whatever you said to Dora. It really helped.

Coffee of Doom Hannelore behind counter, Sven waving

Hannelore: Can I get you anything?

Sven: No, no, I'm just taking in the ambience. Feels good to be welcome here again.

Coffee of Doom

Penelope:I told you that spatula was sharp!

Cosette:I thought you were beging facetious!

Coffee of Doom Cosette's left wrist is bleeding, she tries to cover the blood with her right arm

Sven and Hannelore look on in the background

Sven: The more things change, eh.

Hannelore: I'm becoming blasé about cleaning up blood.

Coffee of Doom

3097 - Flexibility

Transcript Place Notes

May: Why are we comin' to the coffee shop? We can't even drink coffee.

Momo: I just wanted to say hello to Hannelore.

Cofee of Doom May and Momo walk through the door

Sven: Oh, hey. Momo, right?

Momo: I I I I y-y-yes!

Coffee of Doom Momo is surprised to see Sven, and is blushing

May is clearly not attracted to Sven

Sven: Cool, I thought we'd met before. Who's your friend?

May: Nice topknot, dorkus. Do you actually think that looks cool, or is it just to keep your hair out of your face while you're suckin' your own dick?

Coffee of Doom Momo is visibly freaking out at what May is saying to Sven

Sven: Assuming I could fellate myself, why would I need to keep my hair out of my face?

May: So you can admire your own balls, idiot.

Coffee of Doom Momo is clearly in emotional pain, and looks like she is about to scream and/or burst into tears

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