The Cover (courtesy of Topataco)

Questionable Content Volume 3 is a book containing the third set of strips, from strip 600 through strip 899, of Questionable Content. It was released by TopatoCo Books in October of 2012.

The book takes the reader through the early stages of Dora and Marten's relationship. It also introduces Tai, Penelope and the beginnings of the band Deathmole.

The book features other "extras":

  • Commentary for each strip, some of which reflects on the current status of the characters;
  • Bonus art, including sketches of members of the cast; and
  • A foreword from Jeph about the comic itself.

The ISBN-13 number for Questionable Content Volume 3 (160 pages) is 978-1-936561-70-4.

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