Bartholomew Punchbot is one of several AI's frequently appearing in the Robot-Fighting Ring.

He loves punching.

Description Edit

Punchbot uses a grey chassis with a cone-shaped head. Despite being a regular, he has never actually won a Robot Fight. Punchbot is fine with this; he is actually cheerful whenever attacked.[1]

Faye Whitaker frequently has to patch him up, threatening to draw Sharpie penises on him if Punchbot damages himself again before her patchwork takes hold. Punchbot invariably does just that, because "he loves to punch so much."[2]

Occasionally Bubbles has been known to toss Punchbot over her head in frustration. Punchbot finds this fun, despite the resulting damage to his chassis.[3]

He once punched May and it was awesome for all involved.[4]

In his civilian career, Punchbot is a CPA. He dislikes this profession.[5]


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