Pennepole & pizza girl

Penelope says this happened.

Pizza Girl is a pizza delivery person in a red superhero costume who drinks at Coffee of Doom. Little is known about her, due to her evasive answers to questions about herself. Jeph Jacques has said "So is Pizza-Girl an actual superheroine whose specialty is delivering pizzas? Or is she just a regular lady forced to don the costume for her pizza delivery job? The world may never know."[1]

She has only appeared a few times, but has left a lasting impression on the fan base. Having not been seen since strip 1932, she has reappeared recently in strip 3642.

Pizza Girl's sexuality is unknown- she has stated that she is not lesbian and implied she is not sexually attracted to women. She is a caffeine user.[2] Her music preferences are unknown.

Jeph says that her similar appearance to Penelope "will never be explained."[3]

There exists at least one other costumed delivery person,[4] most likely named Chinese Delivery Man, though it is unclear if there is any connection between the two.


  • "The true measure of a heroine is in her service to the community. And I consider it more of a 'calling' than a 'job.'"[2]