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Elssa Bianchi is Dora and Sven's mother and wife to their father, Peter.

The first reference to Dora's mom in the comic is when she sends a package to Dora at work.[1]

She was not introduced as a character until after Dora invited Marten to meet her parents.[2]

According to Sven, she may have a sister named Hilde.[3]


Physical AppearanceEdit

She is of Swedish ancestry. Dora described her as imagining "my head on Heidi Klum's body... (would) be close."[4]

Education and EmploymentEdit

Not much is known about Elssa's education or employment background. She apparently was a stay-at-home mom while Dora was growing up.


From the story arc where we first meet Dora's parents, she appears a bit oblivious - not even noticing the "it runs in the family" reference by Marten.[2]

Elssa is an enthusiastic marijuana user.[5]


According to the QC character Twitter feeds, she plays World of Warcraft in the same guild as Sven.

She apparently also likes to search for things on eBay as well.[1]

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