Elliot is an employee at The Secret Bakery. He was one of the first characters introduced at the bakery.



Elliot is without a doubt the tallest character in the comic, more so than both Wil and Sven. This is exceptionally evident in comic #2021 when he is stood next to Marten.

Marten does find him physically intimidating.[1]


Elliot appeared to be rather mopey when first introduced.>[2] It was later determined it was a case of "unrequited love". He also has a slight problem with "quietly looming".[3]


Elliot works for Jim at The Secret Bakery. It was also mentioned in passing by Wil that he may also be a part-time bouncer at The Horrible Revelation.[4] This is confirmed in comic #2937.


He was in love with Padma, a former employee of The Secret Bakery.[5] Unfortunately, the feeling wasn't mutual.[6]

He later develops a crush on Brun,[7] though it's unknown whether or not she returns the feelings however.[8]

His coworker Renee finds him attractive[9][10], but it doesn't seem as though any romantic relationship will form. After she confessed to finding him attractive, they returned to platonic friend mode.[11][12]

He later reveals to Renee that he is bisexual and attracted to Clinton.


He likes hiking,[13] but that may because Padma enjoys hiking. During a conversation with Hannelore and Marten, he stated that he likes to go fishing.[14]

He also works out, though he neglects leg day, which results in his less than killer bubble butt.[15]


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