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Ellen was Steve's girlfriend during the earlier strips of the comic. They had a few problems in their relationship, such as Ellen being underage when they met.[1]

She attended Smif College, majoring in marine biology with a minor in philosophy.[2] She worked as a waitress when she first appeared. She shared an apartment with Natasha.[3]

Jeph Jacques has said that she has been written out permanently.[4]



Ellen was straightforward and somewhat naive.[5]

Sex and drugs and rock&rollEdit


Ellen appears to be exclusively heterosexual,[6] and thoroughly committed to dating inside her own species.[7]


Ellen uses chocolate with caffeine,[8] and alcohol.

Musical tastesEdit

Ellen was known to listen to They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds.[9] She intensely dislikes Animal Collective and Slipknot.[10] She had a general fondness for musicals.[11]

Major EventsEdit

Ellen and Steve go on a double date with Marten and Dora.[12] This also happened to be Ellen and Steve's first date.

Ellen wants to move faster in her relationship with Steve which almost causes them to split up.[13]

After accepting a position on a deep-sea research vessel, Ellen is unwilling to try a long distance relationship and breaks it off with Steve.[14][15]

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "You know, employing the Socratic Method in the bedroom could be pretty interesting."[16]
  • "We can just dunk her in rubbing alcohol and strike a match. The flames should burn off her outermost layer of filth."[17]
  • "If I were an eel I'd just lunge at him from within my lair, seize him in my jaws and pull him back inside to be devoured whole."[18]
  • "Well, I figure at this point I can either move on with my life or develop a creepy, obsessive fixation on Steve, and there's no WAY I'd have time to stalk him with my current course load."[19]
  • "I should just date a shower massage. They don't care about age."[20]

Ellen's GalleryEdit


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