Clinton P. Augustus is a 21-year-old[1] student at the University of Massachusetts.

He first appears in Comic Strip 1898 to interview Marten about his relationship with his AnthroPC, Pintsize.



Clinton is a rather "bookish" person with a robotic prosthesis on his right arm, installed after his hand was destroyed in a fireworks accident.[1] He states that "...most people put a cover on theirs, but I think they look so much COOLER this way."[2] He is quite pleased to have it.[1] The hand's features include a semi-autonomous mode of operation in which it can carry out tasks while detached.[3] However, his unwillingness to use a cover means it seizes up when it come in contact with water.[4]


He appears to be taken aback by Pintsize's sexual proclivities. He has little or no dating experience but recently went out with Emily Azuma.[5][6]


Clinton's personality appears to revolve around his love and fascination with AI and Anthropology.[7]

He apparently has not only heard of Hannelore's dad, but appears to be a huge fan of his.[8] This led to Clinton paying an uncomfortable amount of attention to Hannelore.[7][9] Clinton later just "happened" to run into Hannelore, Marigold and Momo - to a less than favorable reception.[10] They end up having a somewhat rational - at least for him - discussion about AnthroPCs and technology.[11]


Clinton is Claire's brother. They do not get along smoothly, but he is quick to defend her.[12] His mother, Mrs. Augustus, recently had Marten over for pancakes. They live separately, with Clinton in something that looks like a dorm room with a roommate.[13]

"The Gary Phenomenon"Edit

Clinton relates the story of "The Gary Phenomenon" - which may (or may not) be an apocryphal tale of a AI within the QC universe.[14]


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