Claire Augustus was the first noted transgender Character in the web comic.

The full details of Claire's transition have not been detailed currently, and probably never will be. This has caused much consternation among the fan-base, since Claire is currently in a sexual relationship with the starting character in the web-comic, Marten Reed.

The full details of Claire's transition have not been revealed. Claire told Marten early in the comic that Claire is a transsexual that she identified as female and had started transitioning to female when she was a college freshman. In the comic Clare stated she was 24yr.

A major fan-base issue is Claire has been shown to be very apprehensive to even minor medical procedures, there was a plot of her deciding to get her ears pierced and having to have Marten go with her for moral support.

This suggests that maybe Claire had not physically transitioned to Female while Claire and Marten began the sexual portion of their relationship. In the opinion of some readers, this calls into question of the Heterosexual status of Marten Reed.

This is causing issues between the fan-base between the fans and wiki-admins that are supportive to non-heterosexual orientations, and other fans that feel upset about these implications.

Because of changes to the Wiki entries for Claire's gender and Marten's sexual orientation there are been changes to the admin edit guidelines for this Wiki. This has lead to edit issues on this Wiki and the locking of the main articles for Claire and Martin. Also on the Wiki there have been anonymous changes and entries disparaging the web-comic creator, Jeph Jacques. These also upset the fan-base, even if most of the updates are humorous at first, but they are reverted back shortly after the edit.