Bubbles is a female robot that was involved in an underground robot-fighting ring. Her first appearance is in strip 3003.

She greeted and screened visitors and performed repairs on the fighters.[1]

She does not fight[2] and finds robot fighting "grotesque".[3]

She may feel misunderstood on account of her size.[4] It is maybe related, or maybe not, that she is socially withdrawn.[5]

She suffered from PTSD after her military career; those memories were claimed to locked away by Corpse Witch who held the unlock key as leverage over her,[6] although when Spookybot intervened it was revealed that the memories were accidentally lost in the process.[7]

Her armor is both a physical and a psychological defense. She has continued to wear it without any practical need and has been unwilling to take it off until a recent milestone in her recovery.

Her speech patterns are formal and erudite.[2] She also does not enjoy nicknames, having rejected Faye's labelings of "Bubs, Miss Bubbles, PALKyrie" and "Large Metal Friend."

It took time for her to become friends with the rest of the characters. Since then she has shown concern for Faye's well-being and was sympathetic to Claire's gender dysphoria.

Although Bubbles cannot eat, she has highly-calibrated olfactory sensors- whenever visiting Coffee of Doom she will order herbal tea because she enjoys the aroma. Hannelore takes pride in brewing tea for Bubbles; the resulting blends have allowed Bubbles to see a variety of mythical creatures.

She currently works at Union Robotics, a robot repair shop she started with Faye.

Equipment Edit

Bubbles has an olfactory system tuned to detect chemical and biological weapons.[8]. Her muscles are triple-reinforced myomer. Her armor is a metallo-ceramic material, possibly Cobham armor, and can resist a 3 cm APFSDS round. Also, her armor can be removed[9]. She is capable of a top running speed of 30 km/hr and a 3 meter vertical leap[10]

Since removing her armour she appears to wear a maroon bodysuit with short sleeves and legs. It's unclear whether this is her underwear, or not removable - it seems to show articulation seams at the hips. She has been seen wearing a hoodie and jeans.

Memorable quotes Edit