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Brun (short for Brunhilde) first appeared in comic 3210 as a bartender at a nautical themed bar. She distinguished by her strong eyebrows and taciturn personality. She often speaks in short sentence fragments, with a period at the end of each fragment, collects clocks, has trouble understanding emotions, and tends to be very, very blunt. She becomes unable to talk when under a great deal of stress and communicates via written notes.

She loses her job and apartment when the building containing both catches fire in strip #3219.

Her bar, and apartment above it was burned down in 3219. She subsequently moved in with Renee.

Brun continues her job search, but her attempts prove fruitless as all bars she tries to apply decline her. She does, however, accept an under-the-table gig at the Secret Bakery from Strips 3281 to 3288.


Brun displays signs of autism. Brun frequently speaks in short, brunt phrases, a sign of impaired communication. She displays unusual behavior in social situations, such as asking surreal questions. In addition, Brun has trouble understanding emotions, often doing socially inappropriate things.

She has an affinity for clocks, which is the culmination of her obsession with keeping on schedule. Additionally, she lines up her clocks in a row.

She was upset by minor changes - Clinton asking for water in a bar, and Clinton wondering why she was threatening him with a harpoon.

She displayed unusual under-sensitivity when her workplace and home burn down, while displaying hyper-sensitivity when she gazed at one of her clocks a few moments later.

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