Brun (short for Brunhilde) first appeared in strip 3210 as a bartender at a nautical themed bar. She is distinguished by her strong eyebrows and taciturn personality. She often speaks in short sentence fragments, with a period at the end of each fragment. Brun collects clocks, has trouble understanding emotions, and tends to be very, very blunt. She becomes unable to talk when under a great deal of stress and communicates via written notes.


Brun loses her job as bartender and apartment when the building containing both catches fire[1]. She subsequently moved in with Renee.

Brun continues her job search, but her attempts prove fruitless as all bars (along with Coffee of Doom, which she suggests could become a bar[2]) she tries to apply decline her. She does, however, accept an under-the-table gig at The Secret Bakery.[3] Elliot helps Brun find a bar-back position at The Horrible Revelation.[4]


Brun collects clocks. She once found a TimeMaster Model C in Coffee of Doom's basement.[5]

She is known to be a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service[6], to the point where she requires a bow to do cleaning jobs.

Stats and Features Edit

Brun's hair has a floof level of 6, as compared with Pintsize's 0, Hannelore's 8, and Shelby's 11. She has extensive knowledge of whaling techniques- which is presumably either a result of working at The Nasty Whale or is the reason she was employed there- despite her firm anti-whaling stance. She is capable of articulating ellipses. She is known to have a tum.[7]

She claims to be able to kill a person making it look like a harpoon accident.[8]


Brun could possibly be autistic, possibly with Aspergers Syndrome, which is now referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). Brun frequently speaks in short, brunt phrases, a sign of impaired communication.[9][10][11][12] She displays unusual behavior in social situations, such as asking surreal questions.[13][14][6][15] In addition, Brun has trouble understanding emotions, often doing socially inappropriate things.[10][16][17][18][19][20]

She has an affinity for clocks[16], which, in addition to probably being a special interest for her, is also the culmination of her need to follow a routine and to keep on schedule[21]. Additionally, she lines up her clocks in a row.

She displayed signs of a shutdown when her workplace and home burned down[22], while also beginning to go nonverbal when she gazed at one of her clocks a few moments later[23].